Notice from METRC on Outages and Scheduled Updates

7/15/2020 10:22:38 AM +00:00

Over the past few months, the Metrc system has been experiencing sporadic system

performance issues in some states. We recognize that these issues in some cases have grown

more frequent, causing longer load times and error messages then optimal. We

have determined two primary causes behind these issues:

1) Increasingly frequent API calls by third-party integrators. In certain instances, misuse of

the API can cause a slowdown for other users, effectively clogging Metrc with

unnecessary data requests.


2) Large amount of active data in licensee accounts. Active sales receipt, package and

transfer data sets have grown quite large in some states. As these data sets become

larger, day to day functions can be impacted as the system has to work through large

portions of data that is no longer being used. In some cases, users have several years of

data contained in their respective accounts that is no longer being used, but is part of

their active data sets.


Starting July 20, Metrc will begin a series of system updates and production releases to enhance

our software and make the system faster and easier to use. See below for a summary and brief

timeline of these enhancements.


Production Release (7/20)

The upcoming production release is currently in our final testing stages and is primarily focused

on fixes. We release API Bulletin 69 that details the API impacts in the 7/20 release. If the

bulletin was missed by a vendor, please reach out to


System Maintenance (7/21)

Metrc will be conducting system maintenance in preparation for the upcoming rate limiting and

data optimization efforts. This required maintenance may impact system performance

between 8 to 11 AM CT in all Metrc instances. We encourage vendors to avoid any type of

synchronization/reconciliation jobs during that window. We do not expect Metrc to be 

Metrc API Bulletin unavailable during that window, and if you experience any issues, please reach out to


Rate Limiting (tentatively scheduled for the last week of July)

We will also be implementing an API best practice known as rate limiting later this month. Rate

limiting caps the number of API calls a third-party integrator can make in a given amount of

time to ensure all integrators are given an equal playing field and no single user or company

being able to overwhelm the system.


Data Optimization (tentatively scheduled for the first week of August)

We will begin moving historical data – data that is finalized or finished – to separate locations to

further optimize system performance. Once the optimization is complete, system users and

vendors will still be able to access that data within the UI and API. Users will still be able to unfinalize or un-finish data if necessary.


In order to maximize the benefits of data optimization, users are encouraged to finalize or finish

sales receipts and packages that are no longer active. Metrc has provided users the ability to

finalize sales, finish both packages and harvests. If you have any questions or need help with

this process, please reach out to


We will send additional communications about these enhancements and of any impacts they

may have on daily operations over the coming weeks.

If you have questions about this bulletin, please contact Metrc support at

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