Step 1: Choose a plan.


OMMAPOS is a web-based Point of Sale system that runs in your web browser. Compatible with Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Easy start. Nothing to download or install.

1st month just $50! Future fees will be based on transaction volume.

Setup My Account

  • Sign up now! With OMMAPOS Dispensary Management Software you can and be ready to start making sales in less than an hour.
  • Supports both OMMA Metrc Retail sales and Oklahoma medical sales and reports.
  • Phone and email-based Tech Support Included.

PLAN 2: Private Cloud Backup Server

Private Cloud with Business Data Backup is a Disaster Recovery Solution for OMMAPOS. Install this device in your store and continue to use your POS even if the internet or power goes down.

Backup Server - One Time Fee $2500. Private Cloud $300 per month.

Contact Us to setup Private Cloud or Backup Server Accounts at (971) 276 - 3371 or email us at with questions.

*The Stand alone unit provides POS services to every device in your store. POS will continue to work even if your internet connection goes down.

  • PrivateCloud Add-On The PrivateCloud is an optional add on that help enhance your retail dispensary disaster readyness.

  • The PrivateCloud gives your business a private database and private version of OMMAPOS with your own address like MYSTORE.OMMAPOS.COM that syncs with your server and gives you and your managers a way to instantly access your backup data. Managers can access the store's Live Reporting, sales data and monitor stock from anywhere.

  • In the event of a disaster, you can run POS from the Private Cloud even if the server computer has been damaged or destroyed.

  • 2 free add-ons included with your subscription choose online ordering, display screen, API access or business email.